Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Time I feel for a short ramble. That's a contradiction in terms but I'm going to go with it. It works for Ford so why not me? I don't really have the time for this - hence it being a short ramble. And really that's be the problem of late. So busy. So much to do. So much to show. Not enough time to put things up. But here's something I did for work.

It's Jubilee as most UK readers will no doubt know. And like the rest of this currently gloriously sunny nation, we at Cogent shall be out there with the best of them doing a little lunchtime tea party. Here's my contribution to letting the good people know. Was a lot of fun making. Especially as I got to play with an AMAZING 3 grands-worth of Canon lens. Ta again for that Meshell. Anyway here's that for now. More will follow.

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  1. I recently rented a 2k Nikon lens as a test when shooting a wedding, definitely worth the investment, incredible glass. Shame about the pricetag!